Why is Zytexx STILL the number one ceramic clear-coat on the market?


The clear-coat market has certainly seen a lot of growth since Zytexx was launched ten years ago. Whilst we may have been the first into this market, why are we still the number one?



We’ve identified some key reasons that we believe have kept us in the top position after so long and thought we’d share!


•        Our own in-house chemist: re-formulating and continually improving our product, staying ahead of competitors trying to mimic our winning formula.


•        Our exclusive remover product, meaning that when it’s finally time to re-paint, there’s no sanding required and no damage to the existing paintwork.


•        Ten years of PROVEN warranty work; we stand behind our products and our applicators.


•        Tried, Tested and Trusted by hundreds of yachts worldwide – our repeat customers and growing fan club are our best asset and they keep coming back to Zytexx time and again.


It’s that simple; Zytexx has the history and has never rested on its (products) laurels. No more proof of this is needed than our latest PG-4400 Hybrid Ceramic Coating (our most advanced ceramic coating to date).


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