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Performance, Protection and Reflection

PG-4400 Hybrid Ceramic Clear-Coat

Product information


  • Complete protection against diesel soot staining 
  • UV protection -prevents free radical formation
  • Hydrophobic, water beading on surfaces
  • Seals the paint surface
  • Provides a slick easy clean surface. No more polishing of acid rain stains or diesel soot etching
  • Easy wash down- cuts cleaning time by more than half
  • Added High gloss to new paints
  • Restores older paint to new high gloss finish
  • Scratch resilient
  • Long multi-season coating life

Application Advantages

  • Zytexx PG-4400 is applied with roll and tip method.
  • No tenting required for application, reducing cost and down time by 90% in comparison to a re-paint
  • Smaller areas can be coated quickly and economically
  • Short downtime from charters relative to the time for repainting
  • VOC Exempt
  • No harsh cleaning chemicals necessary for the maintenance of Zytexx
  • Easily removed using PG 7100 Removal Gel
  • Only takes 24 hours to fully cure and then the vessel is ready to use

Zytexx’s PG-4400 Ceramic Clear-coat quickly and effectively penetrates into surfaces to seal microscopic cavities and leaves a shiny smooth surface that is virtually impossible to stain.  The Ceramic Clear coat is harder than the paint it seals, thus providing protection from objects like ropes, boat fenders and general washing.

Coating over coloured paints will intensify the depth of colour.  There is marked difference in appearance between treated and untreated areas and its worth keeping this in mind when choosing the areas to be treated.

PG-4200 Hand Application

Product information


  • Prevents diesel soot staining and etching
  • Ideal for superstructures
  • Economical and fast to apply to difficult, complex surfaces
  • Provides a slick easy clean surface. No more polishing out of acid rain stains
  • Easy wash down
  • Looks fantastic! High Gloss shine and improved depth of colour
  • Preserves the original look of a painted surface
  • Season-long coating life

Application advantages

  • Zytexx PG-4200 is applied with a wipe on, polish off method. This means no tenting, over spray, masking or any of the costs associated with spraying
  • Smaller areas can be coated quickly and economically
  • Short downtime in between charters relative to the time for repainting
  • VOC Exempt
  • Easily removed with PG 7100 Removal Gel

Zytexx’s PG-4200 Ceramic Sealant is the sister product to our Ceramic clear-coat. It is designed to give all the same easy clean & anti-soot properties to complex surfaces, like superstructures, that are difficult to coat with the PG-4400 Clear Coat.

As it is a lighter application, the appearance of PG-4200 more closely resembles polished paintwork. It has great gloss and depth-of-colour, without being covered by a clear coat. This can be desirable in public spaces on the vessel where the original painted look is to be maintained.

PG-4200 also looks great on transoms and hulls. Its fast & flexible application method allows for minimal downtime and keeps the vessel in charter or out in service where it should be.

PG-4300 Glass Treatment

Product information


  • Water shedding – water rolls off treated glass
  • Very high hydrophobicity
  • Resilient: Unlike other glass coatings lasts for a long time

Application Advantages

  • Fast and economical wipe-on, polish-off method
  • Etched windows can be polished back and restored to clarity prior to application
  • No IR/UV curing or oven baking required and windows can be treated in-situ
  • It becomes part of the glass and does not peel, flake or crack lasting up to a year.

Zytexx’s PG-4300 Glass Treatment gives glass extremely hydrophobic water shedding properties. Please see our video for this product to see how effective it is.

It was designed to last as long as possible for the premium marine market. It is resistant to abrasion, salt, wiper blades and is UV transparent. Water rolls off in an instant leaving dry glass behind.

Application is fast and economical, and uses a wipe-on, polish off method. Coatings cure fully 24 hours post application.

If your glass is etched by salt or fogged by light abrasion, this can be polished out using our cerium oxide restoration system.

PG-7100 Removal Gel

Product information


  • Removes Zytexx PG 4400 series Clearcoats, without sanding
  • Water based
  • Solvent free
  • Abrasive free
  • VOC free

Application advantages

  • Fast and economical wipe-on, rinse-off method
  • Large areas can be removed very quickly to reveal the original surface ready for a re-paint or re-application
  • No need to sand
  • 1kg removes approx 10m2 of Zytexx product

Our proprietary Removal Gel PG 7100 dissolves Zytexx Ceramic Clear coat without causing damage to the original paint or gel coat underneath.  The Ceramic Clear coat can now be removed without any need for sanding.

The Zytexx Removal Gel is non-scratch system that reveals the original paint beneath.

The process is very easy.  Simply apply the removal gel, allow it to chemically remove the Ceramic Clear coat and then rinse away revealing the original undamaged surface, which is then ready for surface preparation to re-Zytexx, polish, paint or paint repair.

There are no adverse side effects once the PG7100 has been applied to your painted surface. 

Re-Paints Made Easy.

For full details on the removal process, contact our technical team at info@zytexx.com