When Bigger Really IS Better!

Zytexx International introduces our new pricing guide and now the bigger your job, the bigger your discount! Zytexx has always aimed to remain competitive in the marketplace and has been proud of the cost savings that can be achieved, certainly as opposed to repainting. Now however, we have decided to kick 2018 off with a bang and have introduced a new scaled pricing structure meaning the more square metres you have done, the cheaper it becomes. Speak to your Zytexx Rep now to see just how[..]

Why is Zytexx STILL the number one ceramic clear-coat on the market?

The clear-coat market has certainly seen a lot of growth since Zytexx was launched ten years ago. Whilst we may have been the first into this market, why are we still the number one? We’ve identified some key reasons that we believe have kept us in the top position after so long and thought we’d share! • Our own in-house chemist: re-formulating and continually improving our product, staying ahead of competitors trying to mimic our winning formula. • Ou[..]

Resolutions for 2018; Green it up?

Super-yachting as an industry is really starting to sit up and take responsibility for itself and making inroads to becoming a greener industry. From hybrid compulsion, to on-board water filtration systems (reducing the use of plastic water bottles) we are increasingly aware of our impact on the world and its oceans, which are our livelihood after all. While many interior crews have preferred the use of more natural and less toxic cleaning formulations, this has been slow to move outdoors. A c[..]