Resolutions for 2018; Green it up?

Super-yachting as an industry is really starting to sit up and take responsibility for itself and making inroads to becoming a greener industry. From hybrid compulsion, to on-board water filtration systems (reducing the use of plastic water bottles) we are increasingly aware of our impact on the world and its oceans, which are our livelihood after all.


While many interior crews have preferred the use of more natural and less toxic cleaning formulations, this has been slow to move outdoors. A classic deck wash solution has any number of chemicals (sulphates etc) that when used in a wash-down immediately make their way into the ocean and our ecosystem: causing long-term damage to the flora and fauna of the sea.


As yachts age, these chemicals often become more and more harsh to counter the wear and tear on the paint due to exhaust smoke, sunblock stains, or watermarks from salt water immersion and ocean pollution.

The paint industry has long been regarded an environmental disaster and while many of the harshest of chemicals have now been removed from most paint formulations, the combination of plastic tenting and harsh clean-up chemicals still creates a high ecological toll for any yacht painting.


Zytexx takes a lot of pride in our easy application and clean up methods. The fact that our applicators work without masks or protective clothing is testament to this. However in the longer term, how will Zytexx help your Go-Green resolutions?


Not only saving valuable man-hours in cleaning effort (thereby assisting with hours of rest regulations during a busy charter), a yacht coated with Zytexx will require no further polishing, and a wash down with a little  environmentally friendly detergent will maintain the yacht to the standard the owners have come to expect.


Further to this, the glass-like finish of Zytexx along with its outstanding protective qualities will prolong the life of your paint and keep the yacht looking newer longer; thereby postponing the need for costly (financially and ecologically) repaints.


So, you want to do your bit this year to make your yacht a green machine? Look at the bigger picture of yacht maintenance, restoration, and protection for the longer term and consider a Zytexx ceramic clear coat. Besides this, your crew will love you for it…


Go Green – Go Zytexx!