Zytexx Marine

Performance, Protection and Reflection


Most advanced ceramics

On over 90 vessels in the Mediterranean alone, Zytexx is quickly becoming the new industry standard in resilient, easy-clean coatings.

Zytexx is a new class of coating made possible by recent advances in ceramic chemistry. Longevity, high gloss and easy cleaning are the standout features of our flagship Zytexx clear-coat.

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A new revolutionary ceramic coating

Salts, pollutants, acid rain streaks, oils and diesel soot are easily removed from Zytexx. Our hard, slick, abrasion-resistant finish doesn’t wear down like disappointing waxes, polishes and polymers. Don’t take our word for it: Ask a Zytexx representative for a test patch on your vessel to see for yourself.



Zytexx cuts your cleaning time down to a fraction. By preventing diesel soot from permanently staining polyurethane paints, you can avoid unsightly and expensive damage and eliminate the need to tediously polish out these defects. With its hard, scratch-resistant properties, fenders and hawsers mark Zytexx far less than paint. Keeping what is important, protected!

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New 3RD Generation Technology

Our third generation patent-pending product is stronger, more flexible and scratch resistance than ever. Zytexx ceramic chemistry is unaffected by the UV in sunlight making it ideal for harsh marine environments. Greater flexibility eliminates the crazing that can be encountered with high-sun areas like capper rails and transom doors.


New For This Season: Zytexx Glass

We are introducing Zytexx for glass surfaces. Our Glass Treatment restores salt pitted windows to clarity, greatly enhancing the look of your vessel. Treated windows become extremely water repellent; Water literally rolls right off eliminating spotting and reducing further etching.

Even on windows fitted with wiper blades, Zytexx Glass Treatment provides long-lasting hydrophobicity.

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Zytexx creates a better-than-new finish.  â€¨Applied using a ‘roll and tip’ method, VOC free Zytexx eliminates the need for tenting or the environmental controls required by spray paints or top-coats. Applications of Zytexx are fast! Our application is both cost effective and quicker than spraying, getting your vessel back in service in record time.   

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The Future of all Marine Coatings with premium watershed facilities



The facilities are equipped with ventilation, scaffolding and lights for precise application and high quality results.

Humidity and temperature controlled, these facilities eliminate the variability caused by changing weather conditions. Additional features include Wi-Fi, video surveillance, control of access, ISPS (International Ship and Port Security), fresh water, electricity, fire suppression and private bathrooms.

While in the watershed, vessels can accomplish other work such as electronics, varnishing and paint repairs in a dust free, secure environment.

Please contact us for the watershed location nearest to you.